Aman Bansal

Aman Bansal is a full time blogger and a growing web entrepreneur. He is the owner of Sportsmirchi.

Aman Bansal

My life story

I was born on 12 November, 1991 in Ajmer, India. I never heard the name of entrepreneurship or online world as my family is not too aware of such kinds of things. My dad has been working in a private newspaper since I have born. My mother is a typical Indian housewife. So there is no source of income expect what my father earns. Sister and I always got into studies as school going kids.

I didn’t know how to operate internet even I was not able to operate Facebook or even Google itself when I was in 10th standard in 2008. I was only aware of that websites exist in internet world, expect this I didn’t know anything about internet.

Educational life

I had been a bright scholar in school days. 😉 I had done schooling from St. Paul’s Sr. Sec. School Ajmer in 2010. In teenage life we love to do what our friends are doing. Many of my pals were going for engineering so I also took admission in a btech college. I had pursued my engineering from Jaipur Institute of Engineering and Technology in 2014.

After completing graduation I said ‘good bye’ to books and further studies.

Blogging life

My blogging life started with a lie and an interesting story. One of my college friends told me that there was an opportunity for me to learn how to design a website in one hour and rank it one in Google. As a 2nd year computer science engineering student I knew I would have to learn website development and all in future. But I refused this. After few days he called me and told that we were going for a movie, I had to reach at his house within 15 minutes.

I went to his home and we moved on to the cinema hall. As he was driving he kept on talking with someone on mobile and was telling our location exactly on phone. After few minutes he stopped vehicle at front of someone’s house and told me that we had to attend one meeting before movie. I was surprised but I had no choice and ready to sit in the meeting.

I entered in a room and 3 people just like me; college going students were there who had to take presentation on the behalf of a company. They took almost half an hour to explain everything about how to rank a website and design it in half hour. After this they came up with business part which was MLM. I listened them and after completion of meeting I returned to my room.

You might think that where the hell is interesting story and lie in it. Well the interesting story is that I knew my friend was calling me for a MLM meeting to make some cash but still I went with him. The lie was that the company representing guys were only focusing on MLM business and providing the worst material to learn blogging, seo and online marketing.

After wasting 6 months, I came to know that so much time I have invested but gained nothing except the fact that if you want to grow yourself or learn something, then go with your own. In September 2012, I started to learn SEO and Blogging from Google.

Since then I have been learning and implementing things. My first blog was that I registered on 30 March 2012. After this I planned to work with friends and started in April 2013. So much ups and down I have faced during the blogging journey so far.

Corporate life

I never thought of doing own work as I never been associated with entrepreneurs or business persons. For a middle class family, doing job is the best thing. After graduation I never gone for interviews for 3-4 months and working from home. Seeing this and hearing from relatives & friends, my parents forced me to go for a job. And yes I went for an interview and selected as well. But I didn’t like to work for others, so I quit from job.

Hardly 25 days I spent in job and returned to my blogging life.

Current life

These days I am focusing on SportMirchi as I feel too much attached with games, especially cricket. I am working on it to make a reputable and informative website for sports lovers.

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