Increasing visitors exponentially on website.

Every blogger wishes to see such kind of magical graph for his blog. He always wants to see an analytics graph that shows increment in the number of visitors exponentially on daily basis.

Increasing visitors exponentially on website.

Everyone wants this, but don’t know exactly what to do to get this analytics. I was also in same category before few months ago and didn’t know proper ways to increase website traffic, I was getting 200 visitors daily. Then I started to learn things from Google and try to implement them.

To my expectations, I was thinking to have increment in number of daily visitors about 50-100 per day. Suddenly after implementing some website optimization factors, visitors have started to come in a queue on my site. Even I couldn’t believe when I saw above graph in my Google analytics account.

Many times I get queries from some new bloggers that please help us to boost website traffic. How we can increase visitors on blog. So, today I have decided to help those seekers who are not getting even 1000 page views on their website. These are top 11 ways to help bloggers to get more visits, especially to newbies.

11 tips to increase website traffic

Website performance and design

Your website performance and its design also matters in the increment of visitors. Loading time of your website matters a lot. Google also observes this. If it takes more than 5-6 seconds to load a page, visitors will not be interested to open your site. He/she will close it.

Website design and performance matters to increase visitors.

Displaying related posts section, effective in-text linking can increase the number of page-views for your website. Don’t show too much ads on your website, this gives user an impact that you are only interested to advertise not in providing information.

I was also making this mistake before few months ago and displaying more ads on my website. This reduces number of page views on my blog. As I start to display more information in sidebar and at the end of article, number of page-views increase on my site.

Google trends

This is one of the best products of Google which helps webmasters a lot to increase website traffic. Google trends provide information regarding what kind of topics people are searching on internet, especially on Google.

It helps to know what is the most search topic in recent time. For example you have a website on gadget niche and you would like to write an article on Apple iPhone. Then by using Google trends, you can find that how much people are searching these days about apple iPhone.

There is rating given according to the key phrase search. It is numbered from 1 to 100. If 100 is there for apple iPhone search, then it means crowd is there on internet who are willing to know about apple iPhone.

If you write on Apple iPhone, it will be great for you because people are searching it and you are writing about it. Topic is in trend and you can get advantage of it.

Keyword analysis

Keyword analysis is one of the most important parts in enhancing website visitors. After getting desire topic to write an article, we need to find a focus keyword for which we want to display our web-page in SERPs.

Google’s keyword planner tool (previously known as Google Adwords Keyword tool) is a free tool that helps to find appropriate keyword. Low competition and good traffic generating keyword should be selected.

Focus on long tail keywords as compared to generic keywords. If we select appropriate keyword for our article, it will drive good traffic from search engines.

Google analytics also helps us to know about what kind of traffic we are getting for particular keywords. The number of impressions for a keyword describes our position on Google pages, so we need to observe that and work according to it.

Provoking title

To gain number of visitors, one webmaster should write provoking titles of each and every article of the blog post. Provoking title helps to gain CTR from search engines as well as from social networks also.

When normal titles are written, people don’t click too much on that article and hence Google also decreases the ranking of that web-page because people are not reading that article. Provoking title can be written by using numbers, emotion containing words, ego hitting words, negative words etc.

Your article’s title must be written in a way that when a person sees it, its reaction should be like the person is having in the image.

It is said that if you write excellent title, you have won almost 60% battle to drive traffic on your website. Title is the first impression that user sees in search engines as well as on social networks. So it must be written according to above mention factors.


Content is the main part to drive huge traffic on website. Writing a full informative, unique content with the use of images, videos and info-graphics can increase visitors so efficiently. It is trend now days that full information providing lengthy article has been shown in SERPs also.

Content plays vital role to increase blog traffic.

The more information you provide in your article, you’ll see that number of shares on various social networks is increased and people are liking it. Content has to be written by yourself, it should not be copied. You also need to give credit for famous phrases or sentences in your post.

Make your content humors and user engaging so that people can see that you are talking with them. Give examples in content to explain more your words.

Write fresh and latest articles on your blog so that more people will be interested to read that article. Content is the king of a website and visitors are the retinue. If king is good then retinue will be the better and every time retinue will join king’s empire happily.

Power of commenting

Maximum webmasters believes that blog commenting is just for getting a backlink. Hey just drop these kind of comments like “thanks for this article, nice article you have posted, keep writing this kind of article, well written informative article” bla bla etc.. But let me aware them those who are doing this.

Don’t write such kind of comments on other sites. These comments will not be useful for you. Commenting is done to make relationship with author on that blog as well as for query purpose or sometimes it is done to give Answers.

Google also keeps an eye on blog commenting to decide the weightage of that backlink. Your comment should be in an appropriate manner that when another commenter comes there, he couldn’t write his comment before reading your comment.

Ask your doubts, put your queries and sometimes go opposite what other people are saying regarding article with proper reasons. This will definitely lead you to boost website traffic because when your comment is superb, other webmasters will definitely eager to know who are. This will drive traffic to your website.

Do regular SEO

Doing SEO on regular basis is really tough task but maintaining a schedule can give you better results in traffic improvement to your website. There are several activities we need to do for SEO like creating content, commenting, social bookmarking and lot more.

Maintain regular on-page SEO keeps increasing density of keywords on your blog as well as it lets Google to get daily a new update from your side. So organic results will effect due to this and keeps your visitors increase.

Maintaining off-page SEO gives Google signals that your blog is getting relationship with other websites also.

Social relationship and engagement

This is one of the best parts to increase blog traffic factors. On various social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, your personal appearance matters a lot. Your real social profile on several platforms with good number of followers or friends can increase your website traffic.

Keep updating your social profile at regular intervals so that you can be highlighted on your friend’s profile. Give comments on other’s posts, status so that you can communicate with them. Share your knowledge also on these platforms.

Try to upload things that are attached with people’s life, some inspirational things or anything that you think people will love to comment on it or like it. This will definitely enhance your personal profile.


Mailing plays an important role to gain website traffic as well as getting back return visitors on your website. As the number of subscribers is more, you will get real visitors on your website those are trusted readers of your site.

Using bulk mailing service also enhances website visitors. It is a paid service which is provided by some companies. In bulk mailing you get new visitors to your site which lead to the improvement in traffic analysis.

Guest blogging

Now days, it is the powerful way to increase visitors on blog. Writing an excellent post and publish on other website leads you to get traffic on your website as well as other bloggers come to know about you when you write article on famous websites.

There are lots of benefits of guest blogging. It gives a do-follow backlink to your website, increase your personal profile, connection with other bloggers and off-course drives traffic to your website which is known as referral traffic.

It is believed by famous webmasters that we should publish at least 2 out of 10 articles on other blogs and rest 8 on our website.

Submit your website to search engine directories

This is one of the common mistakes that newbies make in starting phase of their blogging carrier. I had also made this mistake when I started blogging last year. I didn’t know about how to submit my website to search engines and eventually I was lacking visitors.

Whenever I had shared my article on social media sites, I got visitors on my site. There was no traffic from Google, Yahoo. Then I learnt that we should have to submit our website on search engines.

If Google, Yahoo directory doesn’t contain my site info, then how will they show my website results in SERPs. Google webmaster tool provides facility to submit your web-pages in Google directory whereas in Yahoo directory you can submit your website here.

As Yahoo and Bing are now collaborated with each other, so you can submit your website on Bing. Bing provides webmaster tool like Google to manage your web-pages.

Once you have listed your site in these search engines, you’ll get good results in search engines. Your website traffic will be improved definitely.

These are some key factors to increase website traffic that I follow. If you follow some other way, you can share with us. It will help us to boost website traffic and we’ll have more ways to attract more people towards our site.

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