5 White SEO Techniques to rank event blog.

Event blogging is one of the best ways nowadays to make money from blogging. Lots of bloggers make decent income by creating event blogs and rank them well on search engines.

Maximum event bloggers will suggest black hat technique to rank an event blog and they have strong belief that one event blog can’t be ranked without using the black hat SEO tricks.

I was scared when I decided to work on my first event blog as I never learned black hat Search Engine Optimization techniques. That time I thought why shouldn’t I go with white hat SEO? Why shouldn’t take a risk?

So I finally decided to work on and as event arrived, I was amazed to see that I was getting loads of traffic. And yes the myth of using black hat SEO techniques for event blogging became false for me. So here I will discuss some white hat SEO tips that you can use for an event blog.

Before getting into tips, let me first tell you what exactly the event blogging is.

“Event blogging is a type of blogging in which we choose an event or festival and create a special blog for that event/festival. After completion of that event generally we shutter down the blog.”

White Hat SEO Techniques for event blog

5 White SEO Techniques to rank event blog.


Domain name selection is vital in event blogging. Maximum bloggers, webmasters and search engine optimizers have faith that in Exact Match Domains (EMD) are not valuable as point of SEO, but guys still EMD works well if you work properly and event blog needs good domain.

For example if you want to work on Christmas event this year, then you should buy domain Christmas2015.com, Christmas-2015.com or you can also go with other extensions like .org, .net or .info if .com isn’t available.

Domain Age:

To rank an event blog with white hat SEO techniques, domain age is very important. If you want to rank Christmas 2015 blog, then you should start work on it at least before 3 months to get best results. Domain age matters a lot.

Post Frequency:

Publishing posts frequently for an event blog helps a lot. First thing is that publishing content on regular basis keeps your site updated and you can do strong internal link building. Regular posting articles increase keyword density.

Social Media marketing:

Marketing your content on social media is always required and in event blogging, it is essential too. After publishing content you should do social marketing as Google considers social signals in one of those 200 ranking factors to rank a web page/site.

Backlink strategy:

Maximum believe that by only creating backlinks you can rank an event blog successfully but I don’t agree with this. No doubt it is true that backlinks are essential to rank a blog, but you can rank an event blog without creating backlinks.

If you create backlinks, it will be like giving a major boost to your event blog. So you should build links. You can do blog commenting, article submission, guest posting to get backlinks.


All above 5 strategies I prefer to rank an event blog. Domain name, domain age, content frequency and social marketing are key factors in event blogging. Backlinks are vital but I am not much concerned too much for backlinks if I follow rest factors. So choose perfect domain and start working on event before few weeks to get best out from it.

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